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Classic Sheesha

We provide a wide selection of traditional sheeshas at our shisha outsourcing service in Dubai that are easy to use and clean. Experienced manufacturers create our traditional sheeshas by featuring modern functions, and classic main designs, yet with a contemporary twist. We work with one of the market’s highest-quality traditional manufacturers of materials and workmanship. These sheeshas can be served with a single or mixed flavor and are made from a variety of high-quality tobacco. 

Our shisha catering services in Dubai are ideally suited for hotels, restaurants, traditional catering, and Ramadan tents.  

Classic Sheesha Services
Premium Sheesha
Premium Sheesha Rental Dubai

Our premium brands of sheeshas are known for their attractiveness and lightness. They are prepared with the richest blend of fragrant tobacco and served with the highest quality coconut charcoal. Hence, making them durable enough to last longer.

Our high-end sheeshas are of the greatest quality, design, and originality in the market. The exterior looks of our premium sheeshas at our shisha outsourcing service in Dubai are defined by a clear structure, developed through precision production. They are ideal for Beach Clubs and Sheesha Lounges. 

Exclusive Sheesha

Do you need an artistic touch to your Sheesha venue? To reflect your decoration and make it even more memorable to your customers, we’ll provide you with top-of-the-line sheeshas from our exclusive signature collection. For VIP customers, Musandam Sheesha Paradise has an exclusive range of Signature sheeshas. Our trademark sheeshas are the perfect choice for high-end hotels, luxury venues, and VIP occasions, using only the finest material.

Exclusive Sheesha Delivery Dubai
Electronic Sheesha
Electronic Sheesha Suppliers UAE

Are you planning a sophisticated event in Dubai and want to offer your guests a modern twist on a classic tradition? Our Electronic Shisha Catering Services in Dubai are here to provide an innovative and memorable experience that combines tradition with technology.

This revolutionary pod-based device provides a new and innovative way of enjoying sheesha with style. Each pod has an intelligent microchip for optimal heating and precise flavor delivery. Experience a range of classic and exotic flavors for a unique smoking experience.