About us


Our Mission is to be the number one full- service and high-end luxury Sheeha customized solutions provider. We cater to top luxury business in the hospitality sector such as hotels, restaurants and beach clubs.


Musandam also caters to any event whether corporate function, wedding, friend’s gathering or an intimate celebration. We aspire to continuously provide exceptional value, quality ingredients, products and personalized service. We strive to deliver expertise, Five-star hospitality, a customer-first approach and remain industry leaders through innovation, experience and vision. We are here to transform an ordinary sheesha experience into an enjoyable one.

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Our Staff

Musandam Sheesha Paradise Staffs

Our sheesha masters, who are in charge of staff training, have more than 8 years of experience within the industry. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure that our staff members receive comprehensive training. Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, speaking all major languages, and they have a minimum of 2 years of prior sheesha working experience. This ensures that they have a solid foundation in the art of sheesha crafting and service.


The safety of Musandam Sheesha Paradise’s staff, guests, and workplace is extremely important to the company. Health and safety regulations are strictly followed at our sheesha workstations, which are outfitted with all the essential equipment and supplies. Safety training is provided to all members of the team; all new employees receive safety training during their first week on the job, while existing employees receive refresher trainings on a quarterly basis.